Have You Ever Been Affected by a Hiring Mistake?

If so, then you know the consequences are damaging and far-reaching.

Analysts have determined that wrong hires can cost 15 times their base salaries.*

This means a $100,000 position filled with the wrong employee can end up costing your company $1.5 million.

Acquisition Intelligence has created a unique, human-driven methodology that acquires the intelligence necessary for companies to make informed and validated hiring decisions.

Applying over two decades of recruiting expertise and hiring successes, we conduct extensive, highly customized interviews with credible and relevant individuals who know the prospective hire best.

Investing in this intelligence to determine whether a prospective hire is who you think they are is as essential to a hiring process as conducting the interview.

Cutting corners, or delegating this initiative to someone lacking the requisite qualifications, is flirting with disaster.

* Source: Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street

Costs of Hiring Mistakes


External recruiting fees
Advertising costs
Internal recruiter time & cost
Hiring manager time
Team time interviewing
Background checks

Wrong Hires

All the costs of hiring
Total compensation paid
Benefits & COBRA
Impact on Unemployment Tax Rate
Potential legal fees
Repeat of hiring process


Managers’ & co-workers’ time
Damage to employee morale
Lost customers or revenues
Lost efficiency while position is open
Unfair workload

Reasons for Wrong Hires

Need to fill position quickly
Hiring manager settles
Unclear performance objectives
Inadequate reference checks
Wrong culture fit
Candidate presents misleading info
Candidate lacks optimal skill-set

Acquisition Intelligence is a nationwide HR consulting firm.

Our methodology minimizes the risk of hiring mistakes and protects your bottom line by ascertaining whether the competencies and personality traits of a prospective hire match both the role your hire will assume and the culture of your organization.


Our Methodology


We begin by

We immerse ourselves in your company and culture, so we’ll have a clear understanding of your needs, priorities and corporate style.


We ask the right questions.

Applying our knowledge of your needs and priorities, we create a customized and unique questionnaire, individually crafted for each interview.


We build trust through dialogue.

We conduct highly customized interviews with credible and relevant individuals.

There’s always a story beneath the surface, and we know how to find it.


We provide authentic insight.

We deliver a meticulous and comprehensive report on each prospective hire.

You receive laser-focused intelligence for optimal hiring success.

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